Paid work that pays back

UK Year of Service unlocks the power of the next generation to help solve some of our toughest challenges, putting them into paid positions of work and helping communities where the needs are greatest.

UK Year of Service

Our placements are in service of communities throughout the UK, where needs are greatest.
'Our School Service Leaders who completed their UK Year of Service with City Year UK have been invaluable in providing mentoring and coaching support, helping our students to re-engage in their learning and recover from interrupted education as a result of COVID-19.'

Dave Jenks,

Assistant Principal i/c KS3, Ormiston Forge Academy

'The government already spends large sums of public money on remedial action, when early investment in the life chances of young people would not only benefit them but save expenditure down the line.  There is a chance here to reframe when and how we spend that money by investing in the UK Year of Service, strengthening the offer to young people with training and enrichment, and as an important step on their civic journey'.

Rt. Hon. the Lord Blunkett

“I would recommend any other business to seriously think about hiring through the UK Year of Service/Kickstart programme. We have now employed 3 young people through the program and have never had anything but praise from our clients.”

Express Coaching Sevices

“I would recommend any other business to seriously think about hiring through the UK Year of Service/Kickstart programme. We have now employed 3 young people through the program and have never had anything but praise from our clients.”

Force of Nature

[Her] enthusiasm and knowledge of the game has made a powerful impact on getting more children(with a particular focus on girls) involved in cricket. As a Cornwall Cricket Women's team player,[she] is a fantastic role model for children to look up and aspire towards. [Her] project to get morewomen and girls involved in cricket - with focus on women and girls who're already involved in othersports - has shown that women and girls are now actively involved in cricket as a direct result.

Cornwall Cricket Club

Want to turn your passion into action?

UK Year of Service offers a way to put your skills and beliefs to work, making a difference to communities across the country: it’s paid work that pays back.

Apply for a placement that inspires you

UK Year of Service offers a range of projects doing different kinds of work. We aim to match you and your skills to projects that inspire you and you can contribute to the most. Each project is developed by one of our Placement Partners, where you will be fully employed as a UK Year of Service member for the duration.

Receive meaningful employment

Once you’re matched with a programme, you’ll receive a real living wage annual equivalent to the time you spend in service. Projects currently average 9 to 11 months in length, with 30-35 hours work a week. This includes up to 5 hours of weekly training and other boosts to your CV.

Be part of something bigger

As part of a national UK Year of Service task force, you will be helping rebuild and strengthen communities where the needs are greatest. The UK Year of Service network will support you every step of the way and beyond. “I did my UK Year of Service” says to future employers that you’ve shown resilience and commitment to serve yourself by serving others, highlighting your skills and values.

We have

Launched a pilot programme for 300 18-24 year olds in every region across the UK, built with NCS and in partnership with over 75 employers including British Red Cross, English Football League Trust and Muslim Charities Forum. It is already showing promising signsof impact and reach:
• We have reached those who need us: over 50% of our members were on universal credit
• There has been a significant double impact on both members and communities...
• Early data shows 82% of all members are in employment, education or training following their UK Year of Service, including 71% of those who were unemployed before the programme
• Beneficiaries from schools to care homes and community organisations are seeing their work expanded and improved by the members' work, as you can see in the Testimonials page

We need

Anyone who would like to build a brighter future. Government support to scale the pilot programme and genuine partnership with policymakers who wish to use UK Year of Service as a tool to help eradicate youth unemployment and boost civic engagement in their area.

We are

Harnessing the strength of the next generation to take on the toughest challenges in the UK’s local communities, with a paid year of service in everything from delivering social care to building flood defences. We are getting young people ready for a brighter future they’ve helped to build.

UK Year of Service has been making its case to politicians for support. Last year,  we ran a panel event and rountable with the Onward thinktank.