What do we mean by ‘service’?

We use the word ‘service’ to mean doing something important. UK Year of Service is about individuals serving through paid employment, whilst supporting something bigger than ourselves, helping communities to address their real and urgent needs.

How do I apply to UK Year of Service?

Being a UK Year of Service member pays at the Real Living Wage. Most projects offer 30-35 hours a week employment.

What type of work will I be doing?

Work varies depending on the project. You could be helping students catch up on teaching missed because of lockdowns, or getting your hands dirty restoring an at-risk ecosystem, or even in a football stadium administering vaccinations.There’s no typical day in the UK Year of Service! Have a look at the Placement Projects area of our site to get a feel for what’s available.

Who are UK Year of Service?

UK Year of Service is a national programme launched in Summer 2021 after the pandemic to help the next generation and communities with urgent needs. Now in its second year, UK Year of Service offers meaningful work opportunities supporting efforts across the country: paid work that pays back. It is delivered through a number of national and local Placement Partners that place our UK Year of Service members into projects where needs are greatest.

What age do I need to be to take part in UK Year of Service?

UK Year of Service placements are open to anyone aged from 18 to 24.

What happens once I've signed up?

Recruitment for new UK Year of Service placements is being managed by the Placement Partners themselves. If you are looking for a role, get in touch directly with them, and they will manage the recruitment process.

I have a disability, can I still take part?

Yes. Placement Partners will do everything they can to ensure that you have a positive UK Year of Service experience. Let them know during the recruitment process if you require any adjustments to be made.

What adjustments can be made for my additional needs?

Adjustments made will always respond to the individual. This might include (but isn’t limited to) physical spaces, level and type of staffing support, equipment and activities.

How are you keeping everyone safe with regards to Covid-19?

All Placement Partners will be following the latest government guidance on managing activities and spaces with respect to COVID-19. That means you'll be in offices, venues and spaces that can respond to social distancing guidelines if they return, or working remotely in some instances. The Placement Partners will be able to provide you with more information as you progress through the application process.

How is UK Year of Service being funded?

UK Year of Service has been launched using residual funding from the NCS Trust Community Interest Company (NCS CIC) - the organisation that was responsible for delivering the National Citizen Service programme until 2018. This role was then taken up by the NCS Trust Royal Charter Body (NCS RCb) created by the passage of the NCS Act. While most assets were transferred from NCS CIC to NCS RCb at this time, NCS CIC retained some funds which were not provided by the taxpayer. The NCS CIC is now responsible for deploying these funds in ways which support the NCS programme and the aims it was founded to address. NCS CIC is, however, independent from NCS RCb. Many Placement Partners and employers are also contributing to wage costs and delivery costs for their members.

When will the placements start?

Placement Partners are currently recuiting for roles that will begin before the end of 2022, although places are limited.